I'm a Senior Artist within the Games Industry with over 13 years of experience working on AAA and Indie Titles such as FarCry, Wolfenstein, Main Assembly, Distant Bloom and more. 

2020-2023: Senior Artist at Ember Trail on an unrealeased project Called Distant Bloom
Making everything from Level Design, Environment Art, Character Art, Props and Marketing Assets. 

2018-2020: Senior Artist at Bad Yolk developing the game Main Assembly,

2012-2018: Senior Artist at Machinegames working on Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein Old Blood, Wolfenstein The New Collossus and Wolfenstein Young Blood. Also Part of development on DOOM and DOOM VR working together with ID Software

2010-2012: From intern to mid level 3D Artist at Ubisoft Massive working on FarCry3 and the preproduction of The Division 


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